Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday 18th February 2014……a bit of everything!!!

I want to wish my long time friend Karen a very Happy Birthday


Karen and I have been great friends for over 20 years…have a wonderful day.

Feed the Hungry is the organization that I deliver food for every Tuesday morning

meals and nutrition

Our Kitchens

Feed the Hungry San Miguel has built, furnished, and operates kitchens attached to primary schools in 25 communities in the San Miguel de Allende municipality.  Kitchens22 of them are in rural villages, while three are located in marginal urban areas. Cooks are hired from the communities and given year round training in kitchen hygiene and cooking classes.

Fresh produce and dry goods are delivered on a weekly basis. The varied menus are structured to present all of the food groups outlined on the “Plato del Bien Comer” and to fulfill 30% of the child’s caloric needs at each stage of their growth.

Communities we serve


meals and nutrition




Plato del Buen Comer

A pre-school child requires 1000 -1200 calories a day
A Primary school child requires 1200 -1500 calories a day
A Secondary school child requires 1500 -1700 calories a day

All of the  balanced meals that are prepared in our
school-kitchens are:
harmless – clean and disinfected;
complete – provide the required calories;
equilibrated – 15-20% protein, 50-55% carbohydrates,
and 20-30% Lipids (good fats)

The plastic plates that we use help define the size of the portion adequate for each child’s needs, while also keeping flavors and textures separate on the plate.

Family Nutrition Education workshops help the Mothers use these basic Nutrition concepts while preparing family meals at home. Private consults offered by FTHSM to each Mother help define the amount of food necessary for each child, because each child has different needs which depend on their age, size, genetics, home life, level of physical activity.


Core ProgramsFeed the Hungry San Miguel currently reaches out to 25 of the “poorest of the poor” communities in the San Miguel Municipality. We build and operate kitchens at the primary school in each village. Through these school-kitchens 4,000 children are offered a carefully prepared, well-balanced meal every school day.

Because they are required to attend school to get the meal, attendance in “our” schools increases 15 to 20%. The majority of them are in very remote areas and many children walk for miles in each direction to receive a hot meal and attend school.

Core ProgramsWe commit to remain in a village for as long as the community feels we are needed. It is this time honored commitment that has created the deep trust and mutual respect which allows Feed the Hungry San Miguel to initiate additional education and community development programs and introduce other NGO’s with whom we develop cooperative programs to the villages where we maintain our school-kitchens.

We also deliver foodstuffs for the daily meals of some 500 orphans, children with disabilities, and some elderly who are served by five local urban charities.



It is well run  and is like a drive through..I go to the warehouse where all the food is stored and prepared and I drive in one entrance and go  to the school name stall that I deliver to..two volunteers load up the car and I drive out another door and then I go to the school…I enjoy this little chore.

I went to visit Carolyn afterwards and she is still not feeling  100 %…I took these photos of the feeders outside her patio..




came home and had lunch whilst watching some more Olympics and then put on my new cross trainers loaded up my back pack with 16 pounds of weights and went into the canyons behind my casita…all was well and I think the shoes are going to work for me….I do realize that it is only a few weeks till leave so I have to get really serious about my hiking and also what I am and what I am not going to carry with me and start using my real back pack.

Home in time to watch live European soccer from England and at 5pm I was supposed to get Carolyn and take her to this reception but she is not well and is staying home so I went to a local restaurant where there was the first annual meeting of Canadians in SMA…I think this is a great idea and a forum to exchange ideas and questions…over 100 people attended and I met some friends and made some new ones!!!

Afterwards home for supper and  watched more Olympics….

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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