Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday 27th February 2014….a tour day!!!

Last day of February tomorrow where did the new year go it seems just a short while ago it was the Christmas season…….

Your lucky day today…you get to come along on the free, donations will be accepted of course, Pearson  tour of the pyramids Canada la Virgin….

At 10 am Carolyn, Gail and Larry and I met our tour guide Albert Coffee down town and along with 2 other couples were driven the 15 miles to the site….I can only say how brilliant Albert was and through the course of the tour the knowledge he passed on was very informative, humorous  and interesting.

There is so much to know that all I can say is that this tour must be on your bucket list when you come to SMA.

The site was only opened to the public 3 years ago and to have this so close to the city is incredible…..Albert guided us through all the stages of the complex and then explained about the history of the site and the people who dwelled here he was even part of the site’s digging crew when the excavations began.

He explained about the plant life, the solar systems and so much history here are some of the shots….hope you enjoy!!!



Albert explaining about this plant




Gail and Larry taking it all in!!!






Two trees melded into one!!







Looking back to SMA from the peak…


We did not get back till gone 2 o clock and we all agreed it was such a special time and so glad we took the tour!!!

Rested for a while in the afternoon before we went and picked up G & L and went out of town to a restaurant called the Pizza Pig where we met Linda and Guy and we had a wonderful meal, great conversation and the food including the blackberry pizza dessert was a amazing!!!

Wonder why they call it




The food!!!


A great way for Gail and Larry to send their last evening in SMA.

So yet another day for the memory banks!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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