Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday 22nd February 2014….a non stop day!!!

Which started with tennis at 9am was a great men's doubles that was competitive and fun and played under sunny blue skies.

Came home and watched a live soccer game from England whilst having lunch and then at 1pm went to get Paola and we went off to the water slide park…two of her friends were supposed to come but at the last minute could not so the two of us went and she enjoys it so much out there


it was quite busy and we stayed in the water nearly 2 hours…on the way back we stopped in so Sara could see Paola and we stayed for a short visit before I took her home…..she really seems to be doing OK content and fun to be with.

I then got cleaned up and went to get Carolyn and we went to a new fish restaurant that friends had told us about the place was not fancy but the fish very fresh Carolyn had tuna and I had dorado..really good.

From there we went to see a one man play being shown in the  unusual venue of a very large art gallery.



The Canadian actor was brilliant he played 36 different parts and  was on the true story of a German Transvestite during the was really well done.

Now watching some of the last Olympics and getting ready for the big gold medal hockey game tomorrow at 6am..yes that’s right 6am…Canada V Sweden…!!!!!

yashi kochi!!

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