Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday 16th February 2014..International tennis returns to SMA!!!!

Had a great sleep and a fancy breakfast and it is another wonderful warm and clear day.

I had an 11am date with the television to watch Canada and Finland in the hockey at the Olympics….the game did not really mean much as both teams are going to advance to the next round but the hockey was fast and skillful and Canada won in overtime!!!.


For the last couple of weeks I have been busy organizing a tennis tournament for the girls and guys that I play with each week and this afternoon was the big event.

We had the three courts booked from 3 – 5pm and we had 12 entrants… 5 women and 7 men…I had formed the tournament on the Wimbledon rules meaning only white clothing allowed and of course no bad language(will be hard for the women I know).

Every one did very well wearing white


except for this one hippy throwback!!!


So we met at 3pm and I outlined the rules and also the jars I had provided for fines for swearing, not wearing white, racket abuse and one for my summer vacation.  Of course I had all this planned for everyone to wear white and of course I broke that rule as the photo shows.

I also had three sizes of specimen jars in case we had to give any of the men a drug urine test!!!!

I got the 5 ladies to draw a man’s name out of the hat and we had 5 mixed doubles team and one with 2 men…we kept the partners and played each other a short 4 game set….keeping a running tally of the number of games the team wins and at the end add up the games to find the winner.

Of the 6 teams 5 were mixed doubles and the last one was two men so I thought it only fitting that one of them be the designated “Female” and Rob obliged and here is Martha adjusting the bra provided by Carolyn 38 triple F if anyone wants to know!!!!


DSC01473Diane obviously did not read the e mail about all white!!!


Steve the only leftie of the group!!


Carolyn and Barry…where did he get those shorts!!!


Carolyn who wasn’t so happy when she got to play against Mr.Pearson!!!


Martha and her partner Gregg…sorry I cut you off.

For those you want to know the winners it is with pride that I tell you my great partner Leah, sorry no photo, and I tied for the top spot with Mary pat and Bruce but because they beat us head on they are the they are!!!


It was such a great time and everyone had  fun… some good games of tennis and a time to chat with other players.

Afterwards we met at a local restaurant the Longhorn where significant others were invited and had a great meal and we all, the losers, chipped in to pay for dinner for the winners but Bruce was such a gentleman and paid for his own dinner.


….so the first grand slam of tennis in San Miguel came to an end and I thought it was such great fun and thanks to everyone for coming out and being part of a great group of people.

Home relaxing watching some Olympics!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!.

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