Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday 15h February 2014…fun in the sun!!!

More about the dinner dance last night the fundraiser was for this great organization!!!


Casita Linda means pretty little house. That’s what we build for families living in extreme poverty in the San Miguel de Allende area, four hours north of Mexico City.

Before their “Casita Linda” house, families had little comfort or security. They lived in small structures made from scraps of wood, pieces of metal, stones, plastic and other cast-off materials with little protection from the elements. Many children had no bed or light for doing their homework.

After helping to build their new home, the family has a solid roof and sturdy walls. They are healthier because of improved sanitation and a warm, dry place to sleep. And the increased pride and self esteem are very clear as they choose the color to paint their new home and surround it with flowers, to celebrate their hope for a better future.
























The theme of the dance was the 60’s…….at the door they gave away little things to wear guess what I got!!!


If anyone mentions my huge ears and my gigantic nose there will be a life time ban to my blog!!!!!


Carolyn on the right with her friend Lisa!!


What another wonderful sunny and clear morning and two hours of tennis was what the doctor ordered…it was a great doubles match and a lot of fun and banter…..I then went to have a quick visit with Linda and Guy at my friend Rita’s house good to see you all….. and from there back home to make sandwiches for Paola and me and then went and got her and off to the water slide park…she just loves it out there and it was great to see her smiling face again I missed her.



She had a full two hours in the water and only came out to eat and drink!!!

After I took her home I went and picked up Carolyn and we went to this cute little movie theatre they have in town called the pocket theater…there are 2 of them and each seats 15 people and for 100 pesos you get a drink of your choice a bag of popcorn and the movie…we saw Last Vegas which has a great cast and well worth seeing…..from there we walked to another theatre in a different part of town where we saw a live play called Yankee Tavern…this was a very different kind of play so well acted and well worth the 150 pesos.

So a full day and a good day.

Something different tomorrow so stay tuned!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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