Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday 9th February 2014…..hiking day!!

This morning joined the hiking club group and 17 of us went about 15 miles out of town and into this very small village really in the middle of the boonies…..after walking a little bit through the  village we went into the hills why don’t you tag along remember to drinks lots of fluids!!!!














Did you enjoy that!!!!

The hike was really wonderful and a good workout.

This afternoon Carolyn went to one of her neighbors casa for a seminar on Rugby….Barry who is also in my tennis group is a big rugby fan and as the game is being re-introduced into the next Summer Olympics he wanted to explain the sport it was a fun afternoon.

Went by to see my kid twice this afternoon but no one home I miss her!!

Tonight I got ready for the next little trip we leave in the morning for Laredo about a 9 hour drive

Map picture

The plan is to get there tomorrow and the next day walk across the border into the USA and go to the Mexican embassy where Carolyn hopefully can get her visa fast tracked and then drive back Wednesday.

I hope to have internet at the hotel so hope to blog but if for some reason not,,,don’t worry.

Yashi Kochi!!!

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