Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday 24th May 2017....Day 46!!!

I worked really hard outside in the yard today after my seems I also worked hard on this day 8 years ago...

this is the bog from 24th may 2009!!!

Up at 8am this morning to watch live coverage of a huge soccer game in England between my brother’s MIGHTY Hull and Manchester United.  The outcome of this game and other games being played at the same time determined that although Hull lost the game they get to stay up in Premier Division which is huge in the terms of revenue and prestige.
Some where in this crowd is my brother!!!
The really big soccer news is tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!!
This is when my team the VERY MIGHTY BLADES, Sheffield United,  play Burnley and the winner will advance to the Premier League next season, stay tuned for the result tomorrow!!!!
The afternoon saw me “put” to work cleaning gutters, don’t people know I am old and retired!!!!!IMG_6889
Tonight I was lucky enough to have another birthday party.  Friday my great friend Ken was not feeling too well and couldn’t make the party so we celebrated again, aren’t I the lucky one…IMG_6890

Ken is such a great man after the cake we watched a DVD of his training in the RCMP in 1953……he just loved seeing all his old friends.
So ends another great day…..

Yashi Kochi!!!

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