Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday 30th May 2017...Day 52!!!

Different post today want to share two little anecdotes with you.

The first one happened yesterday at the Seattle airport......I went into the men's bathroom which was huge and sectioned and in one section there were 5 urinals each with a man doing what they do at these places BUT each one of them had a cell phone in their hand and at least half of them were texting...I wish I could have taken a photo it was hilarious and I think a tad sad that they could not even take the time to pee without using their mobile device!!!!

The second incident happened this morning here in the local Walmart.......I was in the pharmacy section buying Epsom salts and there was only one bag on the shelf and I wanted more..there was a female employee in the next aisle and I asked if there any more bags in the stockroom...she checked on her little computer(again modern technology) and told me yes and asked me to follow her and I said for sure...then I hear this voice from behind say to the lady helping me...."How lucky you are having a handsome man follow you"!!!!

I turned to the lady and smiled and said why thank you so much...made my day!!!!

Was she a charming young and gorgeous woman saying this........maybe!!!  Does it matter!!!!

The header photo is of the sunset tonight!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Dee Tillotson said...

Most who read your blog would agree that you are a handsome man! Hey, but don't get a swell head!! LOL! As far as the men's room, most women would be confused as to how all those tasks could be accomplished simultaneously. LOL, again! No wonder the lines into the ladies room are so much longer than into the men's room.

mexicokid said...

too funny i would love have taken a shot but no doubt would have been arrested and deported by that big guy in the White house!!! L

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