Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday 21st May 2017... Day 43!!

Once or twice a month I like to sit down with a cuppa and look back at my blog...pick a random year and month and go back and read what I did I find it interesting and also rewarding knowing how lucky and blessed I have been....

This below is taken from the same day May 21st  three years ago!!!


Before I start telling you about today I do have to tell you about last night and the scrabble winner!!!!
Supposed to be my intelligent look!!!
Had a good sleep and after breakfast we left by 10 am to go about 30 miles to visit Liz and Ivan Janet's brother and SIL.....I have not seen them for a few years and we had a nice little meal and they went off into town and I went on walk abouts these are the shots I took!!!

We then met and the three boys decided to climb Cats Bells and the girls went into this is where we intend to go to the top of the that peak!!!
So sit back and enjoy the views they were fantastic!!!!
A ways to go yet!!!

It was a good hike and a 360 degree of wonderful views!!!!

Up and down took two hours and we all really enjoyed the exercise and vistas!!!!!
We then came back and went out to supper and celebrated my Birthday one day early thanks Janet and Malc!!!!
So now time for a bath yes a bath this site has a bath and then the scrabble with tea stay tuned..big  birthday hike planned for myself tomorrow!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!


Dee Tillotson said...

Les, if yesterday was your birthday, please accept my Happy Birthday wishes to you! By the way, since you are reviewing prior posts, do you remember when you were on a cruise to New Zealand/Australia. On the voyage, a few stops were in the Hawaiian Islands; when you docked in Honolulu, you mentioned that the stop was a disaster and would tell us about it later, but you never did. Beach and I have been to the Hawaiian Islands so many times since 1988 and were just curious. Of course, we know that Honolulu is not the REAL Hawaii, is crowded, and don't spend much time there.

mexicokid said...

Thanks today 22nd is my birthday...yes I remember that day I had a car booked and the rental agency the line us was about 60 people so I cancelled got on a hop on hop off bus that was a rip off and just did not enjoy that day.....we did stop the next day at another island where I booked a guided tour which was wonderful cheers Les

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day. Cheers and enjoy your hike.

Life with Lynnie said...

I pray you had a very Happy Birthday! Blessings, Lynn

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