Thursday, May 04, 2017

Thursday 4th May 2017....Day 26!!

This was the view from the deck this morning at 8.30 am could not even see the ocean........

 BUT by 9.30 am it cleared and the sun came out for the whole day!!!
So off I went to PB!!!
 Pretty wild looking shirt!!..It was non stop play for 2 hours a great work out and some exciting close games!!!!
 After a smoothie for lunch Boomer and I took about a 35 minute drive here
Enjoy the photos....

 I took this video a first for me and I can watch it in my photo gallery but I do not think it will play here...I need more help !!!

Look closely for the rainbow!!!

 It was a great walk in the warm sunshine...On the way back I always stop and take a photo of this it just appeals to my Limey humor!!!
 Yes I deserved this treat!!!!
 This was taken from the car on the drive home just gorgeous!!!
Went to a local pub to meet the poker boys and then 4 hours of fun and some winning hands happy to report back in the win column......OK it was only 2 dollars but a win is a win!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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