Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Tuesday 2nd May 2017.....Day 24!!!

There was a workman coming to the house this morning so I stayed home and figured whilst I was home I would do a little bit more to get the bark mulch pile down so I worked in the garden for over 2 hours ...not going to tell you I enjoyed it but I managed about 10 feet and it does look good.

An important European soccer game was on TV at noon and I sat and had lunch and enjoyed watching that but the more I see of hockey players and soccer players you soon realize who the tough guys are and who the tricksters are!!

Around 2 pm I took Boomer out and we walked here....

A lovely wooded trail leading down to the ocean...
This shot below is of a bay where a ship was deliberately sunk as an attraction for scuba divers!!!
I like this pose!!!
An interesting fact!!!

The mountains on the mainland really show up well in this light!!
My zoom is fantastic the ferry was a long way away!!!

So this is the route so there and back and walking in the park I reckon was 8 miles....
Really enjoyed it but am a bit tired...Boomer was great all afternoon!!!

After dinner and a bath sat and enjoyed a hockey game(for a change!!!)

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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