Friday, May 26, 2017

Thursday 25th may 2017...Day 47!!!

I know a broken record but another sunny and warm day and morning pickle ball!!!!!

After lunch I worked out in the yard and later on in the evening went to meet the boys and played poker till 10.30 pm last game a for a while here so I felt it my duty to take as much money off the boys as I could.

and I did...won 17 dollars!!!!!

This car was in the mall parking lot and it brought back many happy memories this is the exact same color and car that I had for over 5 years in Bermuda!!!

Heather recorded the hockey game for me and when I came home I enjoyed watching the game and sadly Canada's last team was eliminated from the play offs in a fabulous game 7 which went into double overtime!!!

So my 6 weeks here in Nanaimo is quickly coming to an end and on Sunday I leave for my flight back to Tucson...the plan is to stay 4 nights in Tucson and then drive to Las Cruses in New Mexico get in a hike and stay the night and then a long drive to Laredo....where I will stay for 2 days and try to walk across the border and get all my documents the day before I drive across and if everything goes according to plan I shall finally cross the border Sunday morning and be back in San Miguel late Sunday afternoon on the 4th June.......

Yashi Kochi!!!

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