Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sunday 7th May 2017.....Day 29th!!!

Now you have a job to do....go to yesterday's blog and read it till you come to the words

"Soaked for ever in the tub and tonight"..because I did exactly the same thing today!!!

and then after the word tonight read on.....

Tonight was a big hockey game for my Edmonton Oilers they were playing at home and had to win to take the series to a deciding game 7 and as you can see they were victorious!!!!!

Draisaitl, Oilers force Game 7 with blowout victory over Ducks

Leon Draisaitl cemented his reputation as a certified Duck killer, tearing the roof off Rogers Place with two goals in the first seven minutes helping the Edmonton Oilers force Game 7 with a 7-1, blowout victory over the Anaheim Ducks

My lovely friend Gracie is in New York with her family and she sent me these shots of her Grand son Jonah on his first Birthday celebration!!!

Not hard to figure out where his attention is focused!!!!

 getting closer!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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