Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday 29th May 2017...Day 51!!!

I had a good sleep but woke up early at 5.30 am so I just messed around on the computer and then decided to take everything out of my suitcase and re pack and had a shower and soon it was time to leave I had called for a taxi to pick me up at 8.30 am a little early to get to the airport but because I was A) hungry B) a long weekend I thought it beneficial to get checked in early!!

I am flying Alaska airlines and check in was a breeze  until I put the suitcase on the scale and the young agent told me i was 5 pounds overweight...I was ready for this and I had my receipt from United airlines showing I had already paid them and of course did not take the flight..I told him quickly what happened and he just smiled and said "Mr.Pearson I am going to waive all baggage charges"...I said a sincere thank you and then asked was it possible to get an exit row seat and he checked and said sure, anything else?   I quickly asked him to order me breakfast we laughed and it was a great start to the day!!!

I did go to the United airline counter and asked if they would provide me with a food voucher which they would not but I again explained my situation with the same reply but I also said that the least you can do is refund the 26 dollars I paid you to carry my bag which you did not...the lady went and checked with her supervisor and they told me that is not the airlines policy but they would do it this time for I believe for my patience and persistence I am at least 26 dollars richer but then I think not really as my air bnb and taxis was over 140 dollars oh well!!!........I had a nice breakfast and the flight left on time...

May I be so bold as to offer you all some advice???

When you fly and check in simply ask is there any available seats in the exit row!!!
I do this every time and I cannot remember ever not getting one they are great seats with much longer leg room ...see below today I had the whole row to myself...I do not understand the plane was full except for the two exit just simply ask!!!
You can see a somber grey day...
Two minutes after take off and above the clouds...sun!!!
Magnificent views of Mount Seymour...

Next up the Grand Canyon!!!

.....3 hours to Tuscon and Linda and Teri were there waiting for me and drove me to get Little Bluey......thanks for picking me up ladies!!!!

I drove to Linda's for a much needed dip in the pool

and the hot tub!!!

....the weather is very lovely hot and sunny.

Linda and I then went to a local pizza restaurant and got caught up on the last 6 weeks!!!

I was feeling a bit tired so I came home relaxed and then got to bed by 10 pm.....good to be back in the good old US of A!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

United sure seems to be the airline to avoid...

mexicokid said...

I think so.....L

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