Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Tuesday 9th May 2017...Day 31!!!

Today was a road trip to the west coast Tofino!!!

I left just before 8 am and it was a clear day and the roads were quiet..

This place below is just off the very busy highway but there are no signs and not many people know about it but it is a 10 minute walk and a lovely sight!!!

Further along the trail a waterfall..never a bad way to start a day!!!

#1 Hole in the Wall – Port Alberni

Just off the highway before you enter the town of Port Alberni, there is a historic landmark one should see. Prior to the 1967 amalgamation of Port Alberni, this area served as a shortcut for the water supply to the town. The hole was blasted through a massive wall of volcanic shale and served as the town’s water reservoir. Today there isn’t much left to indicate that this landmark served any purpose, but it does leave us with a truly unique structure to marvel at.

Back on the road these are some of the gorgeous scenes.....

I arrived in Tofino around noon and Heather's husband, Kirby, is working here and we met and went for tea and a short visit!!
This is the gallery of my favorite artist!!!

Sorry this is not very clear...his work I think is stunning!!

Then it was time for two beach walks!!!

Sometimes the storms and waves can be huge and it is a surfer's dream!!!
I then drove to this trail head for a different kind of walk...

It was a long but wonderful day this Island is a very beautiful one.........

Yashi Kochi!!!!!


Dee Tillotson said...

Les, I notice that you are not having a lot of flooding on the island like the population on the mainland is having--so many evacuations on the mainland. Is the island at a much higher elevation or is there less density of the population? I also notice a lot of reserve areas for trees, flora, and fauna on the island which serves as a watershed from flooding.

mexicokid said...

I think they did not have the huge rain fall and the main reason I also think is the snow level on the mountains..I have friends in Kelwona where I am going on Sunday for a few days and they have terrible issues but not my friend's home.....also in the east crazy weather everywhere cheers L

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

While we were in Port Alberni we walked so many of the trails. The Hole in the Wall was one of our favorites, love all the inukshuks along the water.

mexicokid said...

yes it is a great area les

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