Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday 17th May 2017...Day 39!!!!

It was time to say thanks and goodbye to Gail and Larry for a wonderful few days it is a blessing to have a friendship that has spanned so many years and even though we only usually get together once a year it is when we meet like we have never been thank you and see you on the beach in Mexico early next year!!!

Larry dropped me at the Greyhound bus station at 7.30 am and the bus left on time at 8 am and arrived in Vancouver at 1.30 pm..... a few shots along the way to prove it is still winter in some parts of the country!!

 Arrived on time and my next bus to the ferry terminal was scheduled for 3.30 pm but I saw there was a bus in the waiting zone and I asked the driver if I could take it and he said I hopped on and was at the ferry by 2.30 pm in time to get on the 3 pm ferry and I was able to purchase my ticket for half price using my Senior's card!!!!

 Leaving Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver..
 and arriving at Nanaimo terminal....
I had called Heather and she was there to pick me up and I was home just after 5 pm two hours ahead of the original time.....

Heather and I had some supper watching the only remaining Canadian hockey win another game and get one step closer to a series win!!!!  Way to go Ottawa Senators!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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