Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday 13th May 2017 Day 35!!!!

My kayak or The Great One as I named him has been a big part of my life for nearly 20 years...I have paddled the waters here in Canada, USA and even Mexico and spent many enjoyable hours with him!!!

In latter years he sits in the back yard just waiting to get in the water and when I come back here I always go for a paddle...this trip so far the weather has not been suitable!!!

Heather was telling me about a lady who works at the seniors village where she does that is going through a hard time with some very sad circumstances for her and her 15 year old son and so I decided that this would be a perfect place for The Great One to go live....

So after 2 hours of PB I loaded him up and drove to the ladies house met her son and left The Great One, paddles, life jacket and cover with him.....He was really grateful and thanked me more than once...

Good bye you have been a great friend!!!!!
I had Boomer with me and we went to this trail head
and hiked along this lovely trail
passed two fantastic waterfalls...

Until we found this trail head

For about  3 km it was a very steep accent.... but the views were well worth the effort!!!!
Love this shot!!!

Coming down the other side of the trail the view was magnificent!!!

If the long hike was not enough for Boomer he has to pick out not a small stick or a tiny piece of lumber...NO  Boomer decided he wanted to carry around half a tree!!!!
I was real tired when we got back to the car i reckon we walked 13 km!!!

Heather made a lovely supper I had a long soak and then Heater and I watched the only Canadian team still in the hockey play offs...a thrilling game which the Ottawa Senators won in overtime!!!!

As heather and I were having our final tea at 9.30 pm the first of the hundreds of cruise ships went by!!!  You have to look closely to see it...

Not a clear zoom shot!!!

So tomorrow I am doing something I have never done before!!!!!!!!   Stay TUNED!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Donating your kayak to a teenager is a serious act of kindness. Very nice indeed. The area is beautiful. Great pictures.

mexicokid said...

that is what it is all about the smile on his face was worth it..Heart lake very lovely cheers L

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