Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday 25th January 2016...moving on!!!

The time to leave Melbourne is this morning but I will return in two weeks for a concert but of course I am not going to tell you which concert yet!!
I have so enjoyed my stay here this is a great apartment and the city is vibrant and very tourist friendly and of course the week was all about tennis...I intend to watch live at all 4 grand slams and as I did Wimbledon four years ago it is two down two to go!!!
My drive today was about 80 minutes and I am staying just outside the town of Torquay, which is named after a town in England where my parents used to take me as a kid!!
On Airbnb I had booked a cabin for 7 days on a working farm and I arrived just before noon and was met by the lovely owners Claire and Andy...the cabin is divine!!!!
 The road leading to the house
The drive way...
 My home for a few days!!

The welcome committee(yes their eggs are already in the fridge)!!
The cabin is perfect and has everything very clean and lovely!!!

Claire had left me a welcome package of fruit, the eggs, bread, milk, butter and tea and fresh flowers!!!
The farm is huge and I was told I was welcome to walk around..this is going to be lovely as I am only 15 minutes from the beach and many day hikes!!!
The TV is actually computer so no tennis as I do not know how to stream from the computer but I shall go into town and a sports bar towards the end of the week to catch some games!!!
 The view out the front door
The owner's home and beautiful landscaped yard..
If you look really closely you can see this used to be a tennis court!!
Looking from the kitchen/living room through the bedroom to the huge glass windows looking out onto some lovely trees!!
After I got unpacked and settled in I took a walk around the property and met the locals!!!

Did not want to get too close to this guy who needs to go see his dentist!!!

and the photo of the day!!!!
Talk about a "pig in mud!!!!"
Some nice views on the property...

Came home and cooked a light dinner, had a great hot shower and now after writing this I am going to watch a Netflix movie on the big screen whilst relaxing in the bathrobe that was provided!!!!
It is going to be a lovely stay here with many daytime walks and also to spend some time planning the next few weeks which I will tell you about in another post!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Unknown said...

Life on the farm seems so peaceful with animals instead of people all the time. All is well on the playa. Just getting over our colds. Safe travels. LG

mexicokid said...

yes and no cows to chase me take care be safe les

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