Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday 21st January tour!!!

This is really a great city for tourists everyone seems very friendly and for a huge city the feeling I get is of good times and lots of sights to see and some at no cost.
I debated over to take the Hop on Off bus for 35 dollars or the city sponsored bus which is also hop on hop off for 10 dollars and the pass is valid for two days...Glenn the greeter tour gentleman I had on Tuesday suggested the latter and that is the tour I took this morning and afternoon.
For 10 dollars for  a two day pass the bus covers thirteen stops throughout the city with a great commentary and I really enjoyed myself....the photos are not great as I took most out of the bus windows!!

At one of the stops I saw this sign
As it was close to 1pm I decided to get off the bus and go to the recital and it was lovely I have never been to one before and the church was beautiful inside
and the gentleman playing was very talented and I was amazed at the sounds, the depth and volume that the pipes produced!!!

After the concert I waited for the next bus to come along 15 minutes later and climbed on board and toured the rest of the 13 stops...

 This shot above is one of the busiest street corners always a hive of activity and pedestrians!!

Another thing I notice about the city is the high number of cafes and restaurants seems every other building contains one.
The tour was great and afterwards I went suitcase shopping.  I broke both zips on my suitcase when I came from Christchurch so I went to a couple of stores before buying a very good Samsonite soft sided large suitcase which comes with a 10 year warranty!!!
Did not get home till gone 6pm so cooked some dinner and had another night of watching live tennis from about 20 minutes from my apartment!!
yashi Kochi!!!

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