Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday 30th January 2016...two posts in one day!!!!

I should maybe consider raising the subscription price to the blog when you are getting great deals like two in one day!!!!
Have to confess I slept in till 8.30 am this morning after my monster day and night of tennis yesterday..the remaining matches the finals of the singles I will have to get on my computer!!
I spent the morning  doing some more work on my South Africa trip and it is slowly coming together and around noon I packed up a light lunch and went to the beach for a hike on the beach and then back on the cliff top...about 9 km enjoy the sights!!!

A surfer's paradise although I must admit for all the surfers out there not many caught a decent wave!!
 It was fun dodging the incoming waves going around this rocky headland!!

 There are a few rocks and shells on the beach but not many so imagine my delight and surprise when I saw this beauty just laying there it reminded me of the story of the man walking along a beach infested with star fish and he would pick up one and throw it back into the ocean and someone approached him and asked why he was doing this and because of the sheer number he would make no difference and the man's answer was to pick up one starfish gently throw it back into the surf and he turned to the man and smiled and said it made a difference to that one!!!

 My own private walking beach!!!
This one above is for you Linda an Aussie version of RP!!!!!!
 I enjoyed getting out and about on the beach again missed my hiking the last few days!!!
Isn't this what life is all about a Dad taking a Saturday afternoon to teach his kid to fish!!!!
I was back at the cabin around 4pm and did some laundry nice to have a washing machine and got showered and changed and left home around 6pm and went to a pub in the city of Geelong about 15 minute drive away.....I had a good home cooked dinner

 and it was good and then went to the show grounds where I had a ticket for this show!!!
 I had a front row seat and the music was typically very up beat and the peformers were really great a lot of my shots were too blurry but these ones are OK

It was an entertaining different evening for me and I was back at the cabin by 9.15pm in time to watch the last set of the Ladies final and the upset of Serena!!!!
Going to get an early night and catch up on my two late nights....
Yashi kochi!!!

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