Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday 22nd January 2016....what a day!!!

In 2011 I drove my fabulous motor home, Ramona, yes everything has to have a name, from Vancouver Island to Labrador down the Eastern seaboard of the USA to Mexico and back to Vancouver it was an epic journey of 16000 miles and I saw sights I shall never forget...I stayed with some old friends that I do not get to see often which was a joy but I also met new friends and two of them were Paula and Jer from Nova Scotia...we met over the internet and they invited me to come stay with them at their fabulous home and I did....after I broke their washing line which they forgave me for we became great friends...the kind of friendship where you maybe see each other once a year or less but when ever you connect it seems like no time has elapsed....
When I first arrived in San Miguel about 8 years ago at Christmas time it was my absolute pleasure to be able to sponsor a young local girl from one of the local Homes for dis advantaged children and the child I selected quite at random was Paola and Daniela.....for new readers go back to the years 2010 and read posts all about them.  They have been a huge part of my life and were a part of the reason I chose to move to SMA 4 years ago.....everything went really well the bonds we formed were firm and I loved spending time with them and showing them how life could be different for them with love, respect, education and luck.....sadly things changed and circumstances prevented me from having contact with Dani for almost two years but I did see her when I went to her school before I left Mexico in May last year....she is now 13 years old......I have spent more time with Paola and it was an assortment of moves and issues that before I left in May I also lost contact with Paola I have no idea where she is or how her living conditions are but I trust and hope she is well and happy.

Dani and Paola maybe 6 years ago!!

Dani having her favorite soup!!

WELL Paula and Jer have just arrived in San Miguel and are staying for a few days and I asked them if they would go and try to see Daniela at her school....P & J know Dani and they have always treated her so well as also with Paola..anyway today I received an e mail from P & J with these photos....they went to Dani's school what a treat they met with the Principal and Dani's teacher and had a visit with Dani!!!!

Dani's teacher told P & J that Dani was doing well in school but needs to work harder on her English but that she is a good girl in school......I was just thrilled to hear about the visit and to see the photos and also to get the teacher's e mail address so I can maybe keep in touch with Dani!!!!

This is a great day!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Kevin Read said...

Nice! We look forward to seeing Paula and Jerry today!

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

We are going with Kevin and Ruth to meet Paula and Jerry later today, that is if I make up this one rather huge hill!
Nice pics.

Jean and Skip said...

So happy your friends made contact with Daniella and that she is doing well. she is a beautiful young lady.

mexicokid said...

She is so awesome thanks les

Write up for photos in below post

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