Saturday, January 09, 2016

Saturday 9th January 2016.........a day of pleasure!!!!

It is so nice to wake up and take Tilley for a walk around 7.45am and for it be to warm already..she loves the walks and I let her off leash and she always checks and turns around to see that I am still sight......
I took things easy this morning but did accomplish one important matter!!!  After a summer of travelling I shall finish up my travels in Hull, England where my brother Malc and his adorable and my very special SIL, Janet will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
Last night I was a bit restless and spent some time on the computer and just happened to Google cheap flights from England to Vancouver in October and came across this great deal of a flight..from Manchester direct to Vancouver non stop for 529 dollars...but only for the 10th I did not know if the wedding celebrations would be over by then I had to wait to contact Malc before I could book...when I heard from Malc this morning that yes my duties will be finished I went back on the site to book it and found to my amazement that is was still available but now the price was 350 dollars...go figure!!!
So I now have my flight back to Vancouver booked and paid for in October!!!
On my way to the tennis club this afternoon

 I have to cross over two railway all my days of driving in New Zealand over many tracks never saw a train....thought they did not exist...well they do my first sighting!!

 Was on the courts for three hours of great tennis..they are all lovely people and some good games...I have really enjoyed my time again on the courts!!!

This evening was a quiet evening with Tilley watching a movie....
I want to wish all my readers a safe and happy weekend....
Yashi Kochi!!!

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