Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday 20th January 2016...Take me out to the ball park!!!!!!!

Only I mean tennis stadium!!!!
Packed lots of food and drinks and was out the door by 9.30am heading out for a full day of tennis!!!
I have not mentioned the apartment but it is a one bedroom flat in a three storey old railway station building in a hippy part of the door is a lovely large supermarket and right outside the door is the tram stop!!!!
Really inexpensive and easy to get to the down town core.......part of the city center is serviced by free trams but the outer areas are not and for these you buy a day pass for 3 dollars(senior rate) I exit the apartment get on number 86 Tram for about 8 minutes and then get off and get on the free tram for 2 stops and I am right down town and today when I got off the tram there was another tram to get on that takes you right to the tennis I would say in 35 minutes it took from my door to the venue!!!!
I bought an open day pass for 44 dollars which allows me to go to any court except the two main courts Margaret Smith and Rod Laver, but I do have a ticket for Rod Laver arena on Sunday.....
Everything is very well organized and hundreds of helpful volunteers......I checked out the schedule and decided I would be better off going to the Hisense arena and just stay there for the day....this is the schedule for that court
I had a good seat behind the base line which I think is the best way to watch a tennis match and I sat down and just took in all of the atmosphere and the crowd and enjoyed the tennis!!!
After the first match people leave and I managed to move into an even better seat for the remainder of the day!
I left a shirt on my seat and strolled around in between games...hundreds of people enjoying the tennis, the crowds and the great weather!!!

I enjoyed all the games including watching the number 6 seed Berdych but the highlight was the late match featuring the Australian bad boy of tennis Kyrgios.....the stadium which holds 12000 fans was in constant party mode
cheering on the local boy
He is without a shadow of a doubt a wonderfully gifted and energetic athlete but he does need a does of humility and he should take note of how the older statesmen conduct was a great match and as I said the crowd were so boisterous a fun match which Kyrgios beat his opponent from Uruguay in straight sets!!!
I took the same trams back to the apartment and arrived home 12 hours after I left!!!!
Made some tea and sat and watched the end of the other late match on TV!!!
This just makes me even more excited to be going back into the big arena on Sunday!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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