Sunday, January 17, 2016

Monday 18th January 2016......welcome to Australia!!!!!

Well where to begin??
I am now in a fabulous apartment almost down town Melbourne relaxing after a very easy travel day everything worked out with the exception of my new I was fastening it this morning both zip’s the airport I put the whole case in a large plastic bag and the contents did not spill during the flight.... just means I will have to buy a new suitcase this week.
Two and a half months in New Zealand where did the time go??
I can honestly say I did not have one problem in that time....the local people were amazing and so friendly, the vistas that I saw out of this world....the wonderful house sit...there are just so many happy and glorious memories that I shall in years to come enjoy looking back through the blog and reliving and enjoying the times I had.
So now a new adventure begins..I have the apartment booked for a week and will enjoy the sights and of course the tennis......My tennis ticket is not till next Sunday so more on that later......the tentative plan is then when I leave Melbourne hire a car and go explore the Great Ocean Road area west of the city and then work my way up the coast to Sydney and around the 27th February fly from Sydney to Brisbane where I have another house sit position for about 10 days before I go back to Sydney where I also have a house sit job starting 14th March for two this means I will get to travel and see some of the country but also be able to relax and stay in a couple of beautiful homes and both have pets so another bonus for me.
Around the end of March after Easter I am flying to Johannesburg in South Africa where I shall tour for about 4 weeks before hiring a car and driving to Cape Town where I have yet another house sit position lined up in a busy schedule ahead.
Melbourne is hot 30 Celsius when I arrived but will cool down in the next day or two.
So I think we are up to date now.....
Thanks for being regular readers and also for the e mails...

Yashi Kochi!!!


Esther said...

We visited Melbourne in March 2012 when our son was living there. It's a beautiful city, we loved it! It feels a bit like a Canadian city, lol. The old brick architecture feels very Toronto-ish. The tram's a great way to tour, just hop on and off at will. I will never forget the day we did it, it was 40C and we just about passed out!
Be sure to get down to St Kilda's to see the Fairy Penguins, they're adorable :-)

mexicokid said...

will do thanks loving it had a free greeter tour this morning and tennis tomorrow cheers les

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