Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday 27th January 2016...had to go to plan B!!!!

This morning was a lazy morning doing some computer work whilst listening to my music and a nice light breakfast and before I knew it the time was approaching 11am which only means one thing to British folks.....a cup of tea!!!!
I was out of the cabin by noon and the first place I had to go was to the big town Geelong about 15 minutes drive away where I found the show grounds and bought a ticket for this show for Saturday night!!!
Here is a review from when they performed in Melbourne...

Cirque Africa REVIEW

Africa's finest circus talent in an Australian big top tent
Cirque Africa opened in Melbourne last night, leaving the audience completely in awe of the African continent's finest circus artists.

"The Greatest Show from Africa" presents the best circus talent in a show that draws influence from Tanzania and also represents musical cultures of Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Gambia and Zimbabwe. Performing in Australia for the first time, the Cirque Africa troupe are here to stay for a little while, touring the country for a whole two years before heading to New Zealand for a third year away from home.

Cirque Africa
Cirque Africa

Cirque Africa is produced and directed by Papa Africa aka Winston Ruddle; the first black African anywhere in the world to own, direct and produce a circus show in a big top circus tent. The Australian tour being the first time the African troupe have performed under the big top, anywhere.

Under the guidance of Papa Africa, 38 highly-skilled performers fare exceptionally well under the big top, proving that Cirque Africa is far from amateur, and in many ways blows other circus productions out of the water.

Cirque Africa
Cirque Africa

Perhaps it is the combination of a live band filling the big top with African beats, the collection of colourful animal print costumes, the radiance and enthusiasm of every performing artist, or the jaw-dropping astonishment at what the human body can do, all of the above make for a bumper-packed show that ends with the audience on their feet in standing ovation.

A few that make up Cirque Africa's talent pool include an incredible stilt walker from the Ivory Coast, a foot juggling Tanzanian dancer spinning a table with her feet, a Tanzanian tumbling team defying gravity with their human pyramid, a young Ethiopian spun into the air by the feet of his performing partner, and two extraordinary contortionists that must be seen to be believed.

Defying gravity with the Human Pyramid
Defying gravity with the Human Pyramid

A circus is no fun without a clown, and Cirque Africa breaks up 90 minutes worth of fast packed acrobatics with a traditional red nosed funny man complete with floppy clown shoes; watch out people seated in the first few rows.

In Cirque Africa's sensational show, there is not one single act that fares less than others, and it is very hard to pick a favourite considering each act pushes the circus boundaries further than you would imagine. Cirque Africa transports Australian audiences to Africa in a performance from the heart that is an absolutely joy to watch.
I then went back to where I hiked two days ago to hike the coast track in the other direction but the weather had different just poured like crazy.. a long time since I had seen rain that hard so my hike was finished before I even started.
Nothing else to do but come home and the this is the road out side the house
 and the views from my back porch..

Quite amazing how the deluge could change the landscape from dry fields into small lakes!!
My hostess Claire and her husband Andy are so very friendly and have helped me with directions and things to do and also replenished my fresh egg supply!!
I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home and first I watched a movie on the big screen TV I saw Bucket List again and enjoyed it then it was time for tennis and again I am thrilled that I can watch the games live on the computer.
Also did some more planning for next month and things are falling into order and I can reveal my plans in a couple of days.
It is now 11pm do not know where the time goes.
Tomorrow evening is an epic battle of the titans in tennis Roger V Novak I must admit I did go on line to try to get a ticket but there are only a few available and the price was over 800 dollars...the forecast for tomorrow is for showers but I am tempted to go into Melbourne get a day pass and watch the game on the big screen there.
The Canadian Daniel Nestor that I wrote about a few days ago is into the semi finals on the show court which I could attend and then watch the two ladies semi's on the big screen before the night match.
I could go into the city by train it is an easy journey and I could get a late train home to the train station where my car will I will wait till the morning and see what the weather looks like but I would love to go!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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