Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday 11th January 2016...a little bit of everything!!!

On my walk with Tilley this morning

What could be in those bags she is thinking!!!!
She loves the walks and is always mindful of where I am and always comes back if I call her.
Outside the front door the owners of the house have this small imitation bicycle which holds two pots of pansies in them and the bottom pot of flowers I have managed through over or under watering to kill off so as I was driving to town this morning I saw a sign out side a house advertising house plants for sale so I stopped....talked to the lady and told her what I needed and why and she found me some lovely flowers and dug them up out of her garden and put them in a pot for me and handed it to me...I asked how much she smiled and said this is my gift to you!!!!  Random acts of kindness that just astound me...
The new ones are in the lower pot!!!!
Went and had my last game of tennis at the club and said thanks and goodbye to the members I have been playing with..all so friendly and it has been a joy to be able to get out on the courts quite a bit..
I then went to a different kind of exhibition
It is close to the airport and a interactive center that was fun and informative....first you get to ride in one of these vehicles
What a machine took us up an incline of at least 60 degrees, across a 3 foot crevasse and then into and through a 9 foot mud and water hole!!!!
I saw a penguin feeding session and other exhibits...

Then to get a real reminder of what cold is you don boots and a winter warm jacket and go into an exhibit where an Arctic storm blows through and the temperature drops to minus 18....I only stayed in there a few minutes remembering my retirement promise to my self never to be cold again!!!

Until I saw this map I did not fully realize where  Antarctica was located!!!
So ends another lovely day.
Tomorrow is my last full day before Suzanne and Michael return so it will be a day of chores I think....
Yashi Kochi!!!

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