Thursday, January 07, 2016

Thursday 7th january 21016...a day in the hills!!!

After the usual morning routine I was on the road by 11am and first went into town to go to the library and some chores and then off to Ashley Gorge and a hike nearby about a 35 minute drive away!!!
This time I followed the signs
and I did not get lost.
I did one hike through the forest

It was a good work out and a loop trail and when I came back to the car I went off to find the waterfall
It was a beautiful sight but there seemed no way down or up to the falls but that does not stop a Pearson boy!!!
I managed to get myself down to the river and knew if I followed it down stream I would come to the falls the problem was the river was  about knee came the socks and shoes and fastened to my back pack and into the river I go...
It took me about ten minutes of wading but worth it as I came out at the pool at the top of the falls...
I climbed onto a rock sat in the sun let my feet dry and had lunch ..what a serene setting it was!!
Looking over the top of the falls...
It was great!!
So in the shot above I was in the pool at the top of the falls!!!

It was a great trip!!
Tonight it will be dinner, bath and some is grand!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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