Thursday, November 05, 2015

Well I think I am back!!!!

It is now 9pm Thursday night and I am happily settled into the airbnb home I have rented for two nights the host are very kind and lovely and the home really nice


and the view from the front deck spectacular!!


but I have gotten ahead of myself.

The Noordam arrived in Wellington at 8am this morning and i was all checked out to leave the ship packed and said my goodbyes to my wonderful friends Georgia, Walter, Becky and June…..we had a farewell dinner last night which was fabulous they bought me some gifts i will let your imagination run away with the next photo from the farewell dinner…


IT was a lovely evening and i must say that I met June the first day on the ship and we spent a great deal of time together and she is a special lady and i want to thank her for making the 37 days on board much more interesting and fun…..and the same goes for Georga, Becky and Walter and some other friends who dis embarked in Sydney!

So I left the ship this morning and got a taxi at the dock which took me to the car hire firm where i picked up my vehicle for the next 19 days…



Following my tradition of giving everything names meet Little mellow yellow!!!!  The rental including GPS and full insurance was 40 NZ dollars…..she drives well and i like her and just getting used to driving on the “wrong” side of the road!!

From the car rental agency i came straight to the house getting here by 9.30am and it was all very easy.

I got unpacked and settled in and then went for a walk on the sea front



DSC07972 Stitch

I had a great walk and came back to the house where my hosts had arranged for a computer techie to come and try to sort out my issues…..Dave was here three hours and was very patient with me and did lots of things and i am hopefully back in the blog business!!!

I went out for dinner and then had another walk on the sea front but in a different direction



Then came home got cleaned up and going to catch up with my stuff.

In the next few days i will attempt to post about the cruise and show some photos…it was 37 days of good fun, food, entertainment, friends, walking, relaxing and eating!!!

I am glad to be back and i hope you will enjoy the blog again!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Esther said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to your reports from New Zealand, we have such good memories of that country.

mexicokid said...

feels good to be blogging again and yes this country the little i have seen so far is awesome best wishes and safe travels les

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