Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday 22nd November 2015..can you stand more tennis, beaches and waterfalls??

First of all there was a tragic accident yesterday that took the lives of seven people when a helicopter crashed into a glacier on the south island of New Zealand..all too sad!!!

I so enjoyed breakfast with tennis yesterday I did a repeat performance again this morning and watched Roger beat his fellow country man Stan and now advances to the final against his old foe Novak…that game just happens to be live at 7am tomorrow no guesses where I will be!!!!

The weather overnight was full of heavy rain and thunder strikes but this morning warm and sunny and after the game I was packed up and on the road for my last little road trip on the North Island going to the beaches on the west coast about a 45 minute drive from Auckland.

My first stop was


The beautiful waterfalls…


I am thinking the brown murky water is a result of the storms last night!!


They were impressive!!

The next stop was the highlight beach of Piha beach!!!!



My book said you can hike to the top of the Lion’s Head!!!


This area sure reminds me of the wild rugged west coast of Vancouver island!!!


I started the climb and the views were quite wonderful…DSC09358


Then I came to this sign..


I had seen other people climb over the fence and continue up and I did the same until about three quarters of the way up and I decided it was just too risky for me to continue and I turned back and yes Caron B……45 years ago I would have done this too but not now!!!!

Instead I walked on the beach and then headed to another waterfall the Kitekite falls



Again beautiful falls!!!


This little obstacle i did cross.

On the way back this was at the trail head..



To give you some idea of the width of this stump look closely and you will see my hiking pole!!!

Finished up at another beach which is famous in 1993 with shooting some scenes  for the movie The Piano!!!


I think they call this an angry sea!!!


I was back home by 6pm and it was a good outing….the owners are not back but their son is and I doubt I will get to meet them but I have enjoyed their lovely home.

Tomorrow I drive to Auckland airport say fond farewells to Mellow Yellow who has served me so well and nearly 3000 km.

I take a flight to Queenstown at the bottom of the South Island….where I have a car hired for 24 hours…..more on that tomorrow and on Tuesday I start the big trek for 5 days…so tomorrow will be my last post till the weekend.

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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