Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday 14th November 2015..a lot of stuff going on!!!

Started my morning with a great work out a hike to the top of this waterfall…


Right of the V line of those trees you can see the waterfall..the following photo is zoomed in


Neat to think that in less than 2 hours I shall be standing on top there!!!


Obviously all up hill and then these work out monsters


If anybody is interested 147 steps!!!!


This is the view from the lower platform of the  highest falls on the North Island!!!


Another steep hike to the top but well worth it!!!!


A panoramic view from the top!!

DSC08693 Stitch


What a was a good idea to start early as I saw only about a dozen people on the way up on the way down a different story I must have passed around 80 folks!!!!

The drive to my  next destination was through wonderful sweeping panoramas of fertile farm land….

DSC08713 Stitch


and lots of one lane small bridge ways!!!!

At 2pm I was in the small town of



where I had arranged to meet Serena and Scott….they lived in the downstairs apartment in the complex where I lived in SMA and we became good friends so how nice to see them 18 months later in NZ….we had a great afternoon catching up they are touring NZ for 4 months in their camper van


After leaving these intrepid travellers I drove about 30 km to the town of Thames where I am staying for two nights….as I passed through town the streets were blocked off and a festival was going off so I stopped and parked and took in some of the action …


You can see the name of the event and a lot of the people were dressed in Victorian type costumes it looked like fun!!!




I am staying at another airbnb this time with Andrew and Dave on the farm acreage just outside of town..i am in the separate cabin which is rustic and cosy



It has everything I need except a shower so I use the one in the main house…Andrew and Dave are great guys and have given me suggestions for a full day’s driving and hiking tour tomorrow…oh by the way it is 23 dollars per night!!!!!!

Have a great weekend …..

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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