Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wednesday 11th November 2015…….short travel day!!!

I would like to say thank you to all the women and men and their families who through the years have made this world a safer place….. to be included on that huge list would be my Grand Ma Pearson’s first husband!!


Lest we forget!!!!!

Had a good sleep but woke early and I felt just a little tired so I took it easy for a couple of hours and had breakfast and did some computer bookings and left just after 10am for a drive of about 90 minutes to Taupo which is a nice size town on the biggest crater lake in the southern hemisphere!!

I had been on the road only minutes when I spied this monster in a field on the other side of the road…stopped and managed to get this shot and was very proud of myself for my first wild animal shot…


Then a few seconds later these came into sight…


It was then that I realized that they were tagged  and the fences around the field were high and these were gamed razed animals…..

Some lovely scenery on the drive…



My first sight of the lake

DSC08462 Stitch

The town is quite touristy and I went out to the small in height but very powerful





This is the channel that the river flows through before the falls!


Further up stream are these rapids…


from the dam


into the canyon below…


I love the sound of the surging water.

On the drive this morning one of the things I was thinking was that all the attractions and Nation parks I have visited it has all been totally free and then I went here!!



There was an 8 dollar cover charge to get in I was debating going in and paid my money and walked around the site and to be honest it was very tame and not worth the money!!

DSC08503 Stitch

I then went to the home where I had booked in for one night and the lovely owner was there to greet me and after showing me around made tea and we chatted…



The house is very lovely on two acres and when Kevin came home from work, he is a police officer he showed me around the property


On the property they have so many fruit trees and then at the bottom a chick house with 8 chickens, babies


and i got to pick my first egg and will have a couple for breakfast tomorrow!!


Got cleaned up and had a light dinner and now after writing this do some research for tomorrow’s nights stay again in an airbnb home….

Yashi Kochi!!!

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