Friday, November 20, 2015

Saturday 21st November 2015…a relaxing day!!!

Remember those Saturday mornings in San Miguel when I used to write that Saturday was a sports day WELLLLLL today was almost the same except I was not playing tennis BUT woke up to have breakfast watching live tennis from London and a good match it was although not for Andy!!!!


Whilst I was watching the game my computer was doing it’s own thing sort of…Actually my go to guy Marc, in Nanaimo had sent me a download allowing him to remotely take over my computer…so I am watching tennis and he his working on the puter…funny to see all the movements without me touching it.


Thanks Marc hopefully now i can relax with this new version!!!!

The weather was nasty


and i spent most of the morning doing planning and packing because on Monday I fly to Queenstown pick up a rental car and drive down town to the Hiking company where there is a pre hike meeting and then I drive to an airbnb place where I am staying for the night and then leave my suitcase with the hosts and drive back to down town turn in the car and commence the journey to the hiking start.

In the afternoon even though it was still raining I needed to get out and do some shopping so I found a Mall and bought a couple of things I needed plus I intend to cook a real supper tonight.

Was home by mid afternoon and as I drank a cuppa tea turned on the Tv and what do I see but a live hockey game from Detroit!!!!


My favourite team LA KIngs and my twin brother happens to play for them!!!!


It was fun watching TV as I have not seen a game since late September it was also fun to cook a nice meal have not done that either…


It was just a basic meal but I enjoyed it and have a meal for tomorrow as well.

After dinner and a long soak in the tub decided to see what was on the box and guess what??? A  local live soccer game!!!


Not a bad day!!!

Just messing around with photo gallery on this shot below all taken during the cruise!!!



I just thought this was funny!!!

I then found some photos from my Camino last year below is my first step on the French Spanish border!!



Some people thought I was a hero for doing this Camino but this man is the real hero and his name was Hiro….he was blind and did the whole walk with his son and wife!!!!!


Will never forget my encounter with this lady and her son..she gave me her walking stick!!!!



I still have the Pearson charm!!


After walking 535 miles in 35 days it was time for the walking shoes to have a happy ending in the ocean!!!

Back to some cruise photos..



KIds having fun at the dock in Mare!!



We sailed into Sydney harbour in the early morning and moored very close to the magnificent opera house!!!

DSC07462 (1)

The famous Manly Beach!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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