Friday, November 06, 2015

Friday 6th November 2015……this is a lovely city!!!

Had a great sleep and my hosts made me a wonderful breakfast of pancakes topped with local fresh fruit they are very kind and interesting.

Today was going to be an easy day and I took the 30 km coastal route around the sound to get to the city







I parked Little mellow yellow just outside the city boundary where the parking is free and took a delightful walk along the sea wall into the centre.



I was finding my way into the centre when i realized something big was happening in town..there were thousands of people and kids and all with flags and rugby balls……the New Zealand rugby team nick named the All Blacks had just won the world cup of Rugby again in London England and now were celebrating in each big city in NZ and Wellington was the choice today…it was fun to see everyone so proud and festive!!!



I just walked around and really it was hard to get anywhere so I walked back along the sea front and then took the car and did a small hike along one of the beaches…the scenery is quite lovely!!!


I came back to the house and started to pack my stuff and do some route planning for tomorrow as I leave in the morning.

Tonight my hosts invited me to join them and some of their family and friends for dinner and the venue was up the steep cliff on their property behind their house…it was fish and chips which were great and good company and great views!!!


Anyone sport Little mellow yellow down there in the trees?



This is of the South island and sunset!!!


So i have enjoyed my days here and the first impressions of NZ are that it is a very scenic and diversified country with very friendly people…a little on the expensive side and hopefully the days will be like today warm and sunny.

Interesting to note the time difference for instance now it is Friday night at 10pm and in San Miguel it is 3am….

Yashi Kochi!!!

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