Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday 15th November 2015….11 hours of serious driving but fun!!!!

Andrew and Dave told me the roads I was to take today were very slow, curvy and picturesque and they were right on all counts.

Set out just after 8am under greyish skies and they stayed all day but no rain…..for the first few km driving right beside the ocean


I drove the loop road from Thames north to Coromondel down to Tairua and back to Thames…




No worries if the ocean is in the way sink the poles anyway!!!

DSC08766 Stitch

The views really take your breath away!!


Andrew had prepared the itinerary for me and I followed it to the letter and the first stop was here for this amazing man and his vision that he built!!!!



It was brilliant the way he designed and built the track to get these small engines up the mountain!!!!


The ride was over an hour and this is the sort of activity my Dad would have loved as he was an old railway man in his younger days!!!



It was a great start to the day..back on the road the beaches were quite stunning…

DSC08852 Stitch

DSC08864 Stitch

One of the icon’s on the peninsular!!





It took me about 30 minutes to get down to the beach..


Just walked around here and then had lunch and soaked in the natural beauty!!!!


DSC08886 Stitch



Two ways to get here the above for 89 dollars or my free way on my own steam!!!


A nice touch on the way back!!

The next stop was something I have not seen anything like before…..what do you think???




before I left the house this morning Andrew gave me a small spade and told me I would need it..had no idea what for but I do now!!!!!!



So here I go!!!!



This was so wonderful the water was hot……I wish every kid could go here!!!

One more stop…


A volcanic hill with about a 10 minute climb for incredible views!!!

DSC08935 Stitch

On the way back to the main highway in a field I saw this wonderful animal galloping at full speed it was awesome his tail was flying!!!!



I was hungry and went through a small town and the local pub looked good…


This was I think the best grilled chicken burger and yam fries I have ever had and I even have two pieces of chicken left for tomorrow.

Home at 7pm tired but thrilled at such wonders….

Head north again tomorrow past Auckland which I am coming back to at the end of the week….

Yashi Kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Looks like you are having a ball! Lovely pictures.

mexicokid said...

yes i am it is quite wonderful here apart from the scenery the locals are so friendly thanks les

Esther said...

Steve and I did the hike into Cathedral Cove in 2012, in the pouring rain!! Your day was much lovelier. :-)

Carol said...

Well, you ask what do we think about the hot water at the beach? We have the same thing here at the beach in Baja!!!! 5 minutes away... also at low tide! But with a lot fewer people... I had never heard of it either! Cheers... looks so lovely there... am really enjoying the posts. Thank you.... as I have said before... best virtual tour guide ever! :)

mexicokid said...

hey Esther as you know a magical place and yes Carol the tours are free and glad you enjoy them and hope you are well settled in your new wishes les

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