Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday 12th November 2015…..this is the life!!!

At 8.30 am I was sitting in the kitchen and being served a wonderful bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt and then two poached you know what I picked last night…wonderful thank you so much what charming and kind hosts!!!

I was on the road by 9.30am but a little cooler today and I had a drive of about 80 km with my first stop here







It took me about 5 minutes to get the above shot had to be quick!!

Back on the road I arrived at my destination the town of Rotorua or as the locals call it RotaVegas….I huge touristy and backpacker haven with strip malls and loads of Asian restaurants and motels…luckily I had a airbnb reservation but first I did a self walking tour around some of the quieter spots in town starting with this impressive building..

DSC08544 Stitch


DSC08553 Stitch







I like the above shot because to me it looks like I was staring through a window at the helicopter taking off.

I enjoyed the walk about 3 miles and finished up at the tourist office and again I cannot say enough about these centres and the staff this time I bought a ticket for tomorrow to visit a Māori culture centre and the ticket was 30 dollars 5 dollars cheaper than at the centre itself.

By 4pm I was at the home of my hostess Hilary for the night…again another lovely lady with a beautiful home I have a nice small room


and full use of the kitchen and dining area


I just had a quiet evening doing some planning for the next few days and it turned cold tonight I am fighting a bit of a bug just a scratchy throat so Hilary gave me some local honey and lemon for a drink……

Another great day…

Yashi Kochi!!!


Carol said...

Loving the travelogue, as always, Les... as I am sure will never make it to New Zealand! Also love seeing the houses and accomodations where you stay. It looks so lovely... Carry on! :)

mexicokid said...

if you are travelling airbnb is the only way to go at least for me...hope you are settling in and good wishes you deserve some quiet times blessings les

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