Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The last day on board!!!

Well my last full day on the Noordam!!!!!and the last day is wet windy and rainy!!!!
We are in Picton for the day which is at the tip of the south island and is just a small town the plan today was to get off the ship and go into town and hire a van and driver for a few hours..... There were 6 women and myself... Don't you just love that... I am sort of the cruise director and at the tourist office where the staff are really good I manage to get a driver with a van that would take us on a four hour tour for a good price...we decided to do that and then he said he was really sorry but by law he was only allowed to take six!!!
I told the girls I would sit this one out and June and Becky were not happy with this because today is my last day but we talked and I told them if we cancelled there would be not too much to do especially in the rain so I told them to go ahead and I would meander around town and go back to the ship do my walk and finish packing and they agreed so off they went and I am in the library writing this!!
Yesterday with the dolphins was a unique opportunity and although it was better to send them from the boat I shall not forget the time in the water and bring it was in their natural habitat and not in a marina was great!!!
The two lovely Russian ladies that play the violin and piano did a special song for me last night as it was my last time at their performance that was very touching and I have gone almost every day to listen to them.
So now I am ready to start the next part of my adventure when I leave the ship in Wellington which is on the bottom tip of the north island...I have acar to pickup and then go straight to my airbnb place where I am staying two nights....
So soon I hope to have the regular blog up and running ....have a great day!!
Yashi  Koshi!!!

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