Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday 20th November 2015….mmmmmm a day!!!

What I did not tell you yesterday that I was again having issues with the new lap top and I took it into town and for 60 dollars they fixed it and it worked fine last night for a while and then not so reverting back to me being unable to access my accounts so after I packed up here and said goodbye to my wonderful hosts I went back to the guy and told him of the issues he said he would check it out again and to come back in an hour…

This guy was in one of the stores I walked into…



..this was my day to drive to Auckland and I did not need the delay but had no choice…anyway the one hour turned into three and he eventually told me that the issues were a previous windows ten download that crashed ….I did not understand anyway he said it was Ok and asked me for another 30 dollars and I told him that I paid 60 yesterday to have it fixed and it wasn’t and he said the money was for the extra work he did today…..maybe I should have stood my ground but I was three hours late and just happy to have the computer back, sort off, so I thanked him and gave him the money!!!!

With all these issues going on with it and different people telling me different things I contacted Marc my go to guy in Nanaimo and asked if he might help so I have downloaded an app which allows Marc to access my computer remotely and this is what he will try and do over the weekend…him I trust and know he will do a good job!!!

So I knew now I had at least a 5 hour drive on country roads but I just settled myself down got some food and drink and my music and off I went….

DSC09300 Stitch

I drove over to the west coast and then started south and soon going through forest roads and this part reminded me of the highway to  Puerto Vallarta before the Tepic turn off in Mexico!!!


I stopped a little while later to see


It is hard to show the actual size in a photo but it was magnificent!!!


It was a hard drive and I arrived with the help of the GPS at around 6.30pm at the place I am staying for three days it is just outside of Auckland in a family home.  I received an e mail from the hosts last night saying they had a family death to deal with up Island and would be gone till late Sunday night but left instructions for me to get in and to make myself at home….my room is great full use of the kitchen and tv room and had a soak in the tub tonight!!!



I brought all of my stuff out of Mellow Yellow as I have to get organized for next week more on that tomorrow!!

I managed to e mail to myself some of the photos from the cruise…


This was taken in Fiji ..June and I rented a taxi and one of the things we asked the driver to do was to take us if possible to a rural home and this family above could not have been more kind and showed us how they can see I fit right in!!!!


On another stop in Fiji I rented a motor scooter and just explored and found this mud spa out in the country it was wonderful…for 30 dollars I had a mud soak, 5 hot pools and finished with a 30 minute massage by Rita!!!!!


In Samoa we came across this cricket match they were so funny dancing and having a great time!!!


This was in Mare New Caledonia where 6 of us rented a van with driver and he showed us the few local sights..again a glimpse into their culture…this is a French speaking island!!!


Sorry could not turn it around…priceless don’t you think???


Boys will be boys!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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