Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday 28th January 2012…..I want to tell you about a beautiful lady!!!

I first met her when I was just a little kid growing up in Doncaster, England and I will confess right here and now I was sweet on her younger Sister!!!

For obvious reasons she became interested in my suave, debonair and handsome Brother( can you believe I just wrote that??)

At a tender young age they got married and started a life that has blossomed with love and happiness and now they are well into the forties in years married.

Three wonderful children one amazing Grand son later life is good for them……

Janet my amazing and special Sister in law it is your birthday today and I want the whole world to know that I love you, admire you and I salute you with Happy Birthday wishes!!!!!

As always life has thrown you curve balls but with your incredible attitude, devotion and love of family you have been the “Rock” for the Pearson family.  As long as I live I shall never forget the way you were with my Dad after Mum passed was not easy but you took care of him, treated him with love and respect and because in part to you his remaining 12 years were lived with grace and happiness.

Janet are the best and rank right up there with Mum!!!!  You know what a compliment that is!!!!!!


Have a wonderful day… my readers do you think my Brother Malc is taking her out for dinner????  NO!!!!

Janet has decided because there is a family from Ghana who are in England visiting their son as he finishes college and he attends their Church… Janet has invited the five of them to dinner!!!

That tells you a little bit about this special lady!!

So I wanted to devout a separate blog just for you….I know when we are together I am a big tease and give you a hard time only in jest you KNOW that you are the greatest woman and my Brother has been a lucky man!!!




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