Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday 14th January 2012…waterpark day!!

I picked Paula and Jerry up at 9am in the car I had rented for the day and we went to a few stores to look at cameras because their camera has not been returned to the taxi office and then we went to Casa Hogar as today was the day I had arranged for 11 girls to go to the waterpark in Queretaro….as I thought some of the plans had changed and instead of taking the older girls 8 of the younger girls were coming along and so sad to say my Paola was not one of them… was heartbreaking to leave without her.

We did take Daniela and little Melanie who is 5 years old and sticks to me like glue….we had all brought little treats for the girls and Paula was awesome in the back seat entertaining and being entertained by them.  It was only one hours drive and in convey we all arrived safe to find out the water park was closed but the rest of the park was open…sit back and enjoy some photos of the day!!!!

IMG_8059Daniela and little Melanie!!


At the park we added little Jamena to our group so the six of us went around together!!


IMG_8069Jamena and Jerry!!



The grounds of the park are well kept, clean and interesting!!





Little Melanie is in there somewhere!!!




IMG_8093We took a train ride around this Island!!

Jerry said to the girls do you want candy floss!!!


I do not think Melanie enjoyed hers!!!



Daniela showing the correct way to eat noodles!!!!


Behind my back pack is Melanie!!


Then the highlight of the day for the girls and me too I guess!!! the boat ride!!!!   I remember this from last year it is a ride where you cannot get anything but drenched so this time we were prepared we stripped the girls down to their bathing suits I was the designated adult and away we went not once, not twice but THREE times!!!!!   The screams could be heard 40 miles away!!!  That water was cold!!





Paula and Jerry were great at getting the kids dry and warm, me?? Well I had to fend for myself!!!

Soon it was 3pm and time to leave I had asked the Madres before we left if we could bring the girls back a little later because I wanted to take P & J to Wal-Mart and Costco to see if they could find a camera……the girls enjoyed the adventure into the huge stores and sorry to say  P & J could not find the camera they wanted.

Paula had the girls with lip gloss, nail stickers and sparkles and by the time they got back to Casa Hogar they looked like a million dollars.

Paula and Jerry so thoughtful had brought a little bag of goodies and a note for Paola so when we got back I asked to see Paola and she was sad but smiling a little when we left and she enjoyed her small gifts.

What a day thanks to all my friends who took time out from their day and paid for the girls to have such a great time for me to have Melanie in my arms all day loving me was a tonic I needed!!!

Dropped P & J of at the RV park dropped the car off and now downstairs watching a live football game……..a priceless day!!!

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Kevin and Ruth said...

Looks like a fun day, that's for sure! Tell Paulita y Geraldo "hola" de Kevin y Ruth!

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