Monday, January 09, 2012

Monday 9th January 2012..a really easy day!!!

For a change I had no morning tennis game so it was a morning of a leisurely breakfast, reading a newspaper, doing some computer work and household chores.

I then went into the local market to buy a beautiful metal Christmas tree that my good friend Joy wanted me to get to her..

IMG_7892I will deliver it to her on the coast later on in the Winter!!

Then my lounger was calling my name and I finished off my book and had a great lunch.

4pm and it was time for an afternoon game of tennis which again was really a good game!!!

I know many, well some, well perhaps none of my readers want to know…….  but I am going to tell you good am I at this game!!!

Well they say one photograph speaks a thousand words!!!!

2The winning shot!!

can you believe that HAIR!!!!!!!

1The trophy!!!

Bermuda 1970 – 1980  Police singles Champion 5 times…doubles Champion 5 times!!!!!!!

I rest my case…it is funny when we get on the courts now I have never seen so many knee braces, elbow braces…but we still can hit a pretty mean ball at times…..

Tommy who is staying in the main house downstairs invited me tonight to watch the big College football game and it was a good one….

Pura Vida!!!


Carol said...

The hair? What about the killer mutton chops?!!

Lookin good... and very impressive stats...

mexicokid said...

I can just imagine what my MUM would be thinking!!!!Les

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