Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday 20th January 2012… for me a quiet day!!

No photos on today’s blog!!

I had tennis at 11am and it was strange to go there and not see Paula and Jerry…had another good game and then I dashed home showered and changed and went to Casa Hogar for a 2pm meeting.  I did have a quick visit with my girls and they both seem really happy and I hope this is the start of a fixed and happy time for Paola!!!!

It was a very long meeting with officials of Amistad Canada.

This is taken from their website!!

Improving the lives of people in need through
better health, education and social justice

In many parts of Latin America social services that Canadians take for granted are often unavailable or insufficiently supplied, especially to people who live in rural areas. AMISTAD CANADA, a fully registered charity under Canada's Income Tax Act, undertakes projects that contribute to filling these gaps.

Our work, which got underway last year, is in Mexico. Our projects are implemented in cooperation with Mexican NGOs that have proven track records in providing much needed social services. As of Winter 2011 we are working with two partners:

CASA (Centro Para los Adolescentes de San Miguel de Allende)


La Biblioteca de San Miguel de Allende

CASA Partnership has long history

CASA, founded in 1981, provides an extensive array of health, education and cultural programs for women and adolescents. More than two decades ago, a group of volunteers from Toronto, who called themselves Canadians for CASA, began raising funds to support CASA's activities. This informal group endured (for more detail, see Our History) and in 2009 it provided the foundation for Amistad Canada. CASA appropriately became our first NGO partner.

CASA operates the only accredited school of professional midwifery in Mexico and is actively involved in the enhancement of  midwifery services and education. Amistad’s inaugural project is contributing to that enhancement by funding the position of a Clinical Coordinator, with responsibilities for organizing the work of midwifery students in a variety of clinical settings, including the re-introduction of midwifery services in hospitals.

This ground-breaking work is going on in two hospitals and a primary health-care clinic in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato State. In addition, as a result of CASA’s work with federal and state health authorities to enhance the role of midwifery in Mexico’s health system, and with the placement of CASA’s graduates throughout the country, Amistad Canada’s project will also have an impact on woman-centered birthing care elsewhere in Mexico.

For more details, see Our Projects.

To learn more about CASA, see Our Partners.

La Biblioteca now has a Canadian Education Project

Amistad Canada’s work with a second partner — La Biblioteca de San Miguel de Allende — began in February 2011.

Founded in the 1950s, La Biblioteca has long been an important centre of educational and cultural activities for the Mexican and international communities in San Miguel and the surrounding area.

In addition to normal library services, an important part of its work has been the provision of scholarships and free classes for young Mexican students. These programs allow many students to extend their formal education beyond what would otherwise be possible, with positive effects on their employment opportunities and on the quality of life for their families.

The Amistad/Biblioteca Canadian Education Project will now allow Canadian donors to support these youth education programs and receive Canadian tax receipts for their donations.


It was a really good meeting with a tour of the campus and a wonderful meal for us all provided by the Madres and the girls!!

The outcome was that Casa Hogar has been accepted as the third project here in SMA….so all you Canadians out there you can now donate to CH and receive a tax receipt..this is coming from me the Canadian Director of CH!!!!!


Didn’t get home till almost 7pm…supper and a shower and now a quiet night with a movie…..Blessings !!

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