Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday 26th November 2011….the start of a busy weekend!!

So up at 8am and by 8.15am the owner of the park Hans, was guiding me out of the gate!!!

nov14 011

I am always amazed at how Hans is so able to guide the RV's in and out of this narrow space…but it was good again and I was away.

My appointment at the body shop was not till 12 noon so I decided to drive a couple of miles to another large supermarket with a huge parking lot.  I had a very leisurely breakfast and then it was time to work and I spent the rest of the time cleaning and polishing inside Ramona!!

At noon I went to the body shop and saw the owner and arranged to have Ramona put inside his shop and they will start work this afternoon and he wants me to come back and pick her up on Monday.  At this point  I am not sure but I think I have to bring her back next weekend for the polishing…there was some language problems going on.  Anyway I decided to leave her there and my lovely friends Linda and Guy have told me I can stay at their casa for the weekend so that is so nice.

I then met Linda at the hotel where the pancake breakfast is being held tomorrow for last minute chores…..I have just about enough chaperones for the girls from Casa Hogar who are coming to the breakfast!!

I then went to Casa Hogar this is the lovely sign they have at the front…

nov26 001

Paola was on laundry duty so wasn’t able to play but I had a quick visit with her.  All the girls do have assigned chores that they do and they seem to do them willingly with smiles on their faces.

I took about 10 girls into the playground and we played games for over one hour!!!

nov26 010

nov26 008

Daniela is in the blue pant suit!!

nov26 006

It really is a matter of fact but the whole time never a scream or a cry or a push or a harsh word…the girls seem to play well together!!!

I finally got back to Linda and Guy’s just before 5pm and they are tired from having family visiting for a week and I was going to go to a cabaret evening down town but after supper decided on a hot shower and stay home instead!!

Don’t feel bad for me I got to watch a soccer game from England

nov26 014

and currently watching the Vancouver Canucks hockey game!!

nov26 017

Linda bought this beautiful metal Christmas Tree yesterday!!

nov26 013

Linda and I have to be at the hotel tomorrow morning at 8am and wouldn’t you know it all these sunny days and tomorrow the forecast is cool and overcast!!!!


Paula & Jerry said...

Love Linda's new Christmas tree. A Mexican delight!
It was fun seeing the girls at play and the sign for Casa Hogar is lovely!
Here's to you and Linda today! Wishing you a most successful pancake breakfast! Hope the girls enjoy it, as well.
We'll take ours with a little syrup, please!

mexicokid said...

Thanks for the good wishes!!!Les

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