Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday 25th November 2011……..Another great day!!

Starting off with two hours of tennis at 10am..I do enjoy the games and I wear my brace and afterwards ice my knee and so far all is good!!

After tennis I went up to Linda and Guy’s and went with Guy to take his van into the repair shop and we got a taxi back to the house.  I then came back home and had to get Ramona ready and packed up and everything away as tomorrow I take her into the body shop.

I did manage an hour of sunbathing before I went down town to say goodbye to Ang, the English couch surfing lady I met last week she leaves tomorrow backpacking all the way to Central America I wish her a safe journey!!

Then is was off to Linda and Guy’s and my evening job of babysitting little Muri!!

nov25 009

Muri’s parents, Terri and Jason and Linda and Guy went to town for dinner and a music celebration and Muri and I had a great time…

nov25 010

nov25 013

Did I mention I used to hair like this??

nov25 014

I liked her red toes!!!

nov25 015

We had a lovely time and little Muri was an angel so well behaved….we drew pictures, played with play dough, ate some M & M’s and watched Clifford the  red dog!!!!

The big people came home after 9pm and I said goodbye to Muri and her Mum and Dad as they leave tomorrow…have a safe journey and great to connect with you all again!!!

So there another lovely day in SMA!!

Not sure what is going to happen tomorrow Linda and Guy have offered for me stay at their home whilst Ramona is in having her butt lift but I may want to sleep with her in the shop for safety will know more tomorrow…I hope to be able to blog tomorrow and of course Sunday is the big pancake breakfast….

Wish you all a great weekend!!

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