Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday 11th November 2011…………..11/11/11


Thank you to all the families all over the world for your supreme sacrifices!!!!!!!!!

I have always worn a poppy and I have one on the dasher of Ramona and wore it with pride today!!!

Drove just over 100 miles today and now back in the State of

nov11 004

and came to this little town

nov11 006

where the Church’s book gives this write up!!

nov11 010

The entrance to the park!!

nov11 043

Well here I am

nov11 009

Really the park has not progressed since the report above…no showers, no water there is a bathroom and power and good Internet although I cannot post the blog….all the swimming facilities are closed and as usual I am the only RV…cost for one night 220 pesos.  It is gated and safe!!!

I got Bonita ready for a tour of the area

nov11 017

It is a delightful little town!!

nov11 018

nov11 020

nov11 023

I saw this sign

nov11 016

and I am badly in need of a cut so in I went and there was a small communication problem because the first stroke of the trimmer and …………..just call me GIJOELESLIE!!!!!

My hair has never been this short since I had 3 haircuts in one day on basic training in the Police Force in 1964!!!!!

It only cost me 4 0pesos and as they say it will grow back but for all those many female readers that I have that go to bed at night thinking of stroking their fingers through my hair…I am so sorry.   I write good fiction don’t I???



nov11 046

Anyone and I mean anyone makes any comments and you will automatically banned from the blog for a whole day!!!!!!!!

I continued my ride and found the reservoir

nov11 026


nov11 027The X is where I am going to try and ride up to!!

nov11 029This X is where the RV park is located.

nov11 030

nov11 032

The road across the top of the reservoir..

nov11 035

After a few tries I did find the trail to the top!!!

nov11 038

nov11 039There was no plaque to indicate who this soldier was.

nov11 040

Great views from the summit!!

nov11 041The lighthouse at the park is just about in the middle of this photo!!

nov11 052Back at home it was time for serious reading, eating, drinking and sunbathing!!!!!

nov11 053

nov11 056

Just sitting in my chair saw this little guy I love my little camera point and shoot by the way this is no ordinary bird it is a very rare lesser freckled ridged red bird!!!!!

Settled in for the night enjoyed BBQ hot dogs, had a shower and now movie and thinking about tomorrow the end of my journey….the girls and everything should be in SMA Saturday afternoon…blessings to you all!!!

Map picture


Elaine said...

Your cut reminds me of one my husband got in Mexico a few years ago. Bloody "loverly" isn't it?
Elaine in Saltair

Paula & Jerry said...

Les, the hair is simply spot on!!! I shall have the clippers ready for you in January. :o)
Very much looking forward to the next blog with pics of your girls! It is sure to be a very happy reunion for all. Wishing you safe travels to SMA. Salud!

mexicokid said...

still not used to looking in the mirror and seeing someone else I feel a bit like Samson....girlies tomorrow cannot wait ,,,Les

Croft said...

It looks much like the cut I got in Georgia last winter! We could be twins!

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