Monday, November 07, 2011

Monday 7th November 2011….Viva la Mexico!!!

Had another good sleep and I was at the Columbia Bridge Border crossing when they opened at 8am

nov7 002

no other vehicles in sight….I stopped and went into the office to get my Tourist visa being as I have a 10 year permit for Ramona that is one less thing to worry about..the process of getting the visa and then going to the Bank, in the same building, was about 15 minutes!!!

I was then directed to the side for a search

nov7 003

a very nice female officer came into Ramona and opened a couple of doors and then wished me in perfect English,,,,to have a safe trip!!

The next check is for documentation about 26 miles from the border…here I was pulled aside again and two officers went inside Ramona and again opened a couple of drawers…one of the men seemed to want to know why I was travelling solo!!!

On the road absolutely no problems…..I passed many police check points but was waved right through except the one outside the airport in Monterrey…..there the police officer came in asking about guns and casings…he also opened a couple of doors and then asked me about Paola and Daniela as I have their photos in frames on my wall……in all the three searches lasting no longer than 5 minutes total.

It felt really good to be back in Mexico and the usual road sights make me smile and again reinforces why you don’t drive fast or at night!!

nov7 022

nov7 017

nov7 006I went through 5 toll booths

nov7 0114

for a total cost of 683 pesos…now here is the only money conversion lesson you get!!!

One Canadian dollar equals 13 pesos!!!!

The toll highways are lovely well kept and fairly quiet…I love the cloud formation here

nov7 013

I enjoyed the drive and stopped a few times to stretch and get some drink and nibbles and at 4pm I was in the State of

nov7 023

and in the town of

nov7 024

and pulled into the Hotel/RV park at Las Palmas

nov7 030

The grounds here are wonderful

nov7 027

nov7 029

there is a mini golf, pool and a walking trail…..I am the only RV in fact I saw no other RV’s all day…the cost here is 283 pesos per night…spotless bathrooms, hot showers and Wi fi

go on work it out…21 dollars!!!

I got Bonita off and rode into the town Centro

nov7 034

nov7 037

You could not see them but there were hundreds of birds in these tress do not know what they were but the noise they made was fierce!!!

I stopped here before going back to the park

nov7 032

I bought some OJ and milk and the prices were much cheaper than the States!!!

So a great day no problems and I drove 370 miles…Ramona is good to me….tomorrow I am going to revisit a place I went to years ago going on Bonita so it will be a challenge as it is a cobble road but these old bones need to be shaken up once in a while…..thanks for all the e mails wishing me good luck today thanks!!!!

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Paula & Jerry said...

Lucky you! Mexico! Oh, well, it won't be long for us now.....
Enjoyed your pictures and writings about the route. It sounds like a good one. We shall be following in your footsteps.
Wear some extra padding in those short shorts today for the cobblestone road and have fun!

mexicokid said...

yes I will get a bum pillow!!!

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