Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday 22n November 2011..no time to catch my breath!!!

OK here is the scoop this Sunday this is the big event!!

nov22 006

This is to be the first event of this kind and the work preparation has been huge and I am helping Linda as she is a Rotary member…so this morning I went to one of the event organizer's home for a 2 hour meeting…..On Sunday my job is to be at the event at 7.30am…yes you read it right 7.30am and over see that the 25 participants get set up without any problems.  My other job is that all the girls at Casa Hogar have been given tickets to attend an they need chaperones…so I am busily trying to get that arranged also…so you can see it is a busy time that gets compounded by what you will read later!!!

So I have about 9 people happily wanting to take a couple of girls but still need a few more but I know it will all work out!!

So after the meeting I went to a repair shop where I had work done last year and talked to the owner about getting the repairs done to Ramona after that terrible day at the car wash in Nova Scotia…the damage is to the rear end and needs bodywork, fibre glass and painting done.  Saul the owner came to the park and looked and said he wanted to bring the workman over later in the evening.

I then came back to the park and as I passed the local church saw this event!!

nov22 001

They had their own drummer and his little helper!!

nov22 002

nov22 003

There has been music playing there all afternoon and evening…the church is so close to the park

nov22 007

nov22 008This is taken by the side of Ramona!!

I figured now was a good time to go for my power walk so off I went for an hour and what a difference between doing the walk in the morning when the park is overflowing with people to this afternoon when there was virtually no one around!!

Back at the park I have been trying to get the step fixed….it got damaged at my last RV park and it would not retract when the engine turns on so Pedro the workmen here at the tennis park came over around 6pm and spent sometime and did get it to work properly..it is not quite 100% right but at least when I drive it will retract!!

nov22 009

Pedro asked for 30 pesos for his time but I managed to haggle with him and get him to accept 50 pesos!!!!

So now I was waiting around for Saul and his workman to arrive which they did about 7pm…they looked it over and can do the job but they need me to take Ramona to Saul’s shop to do the work.  So I am going to drive there on Saturday morning and leave it there maybe three days but Saul said I could still sleep in her there….this is not an ideal situation but I am happy with it and can handle the inconvenience of leaving here and coming back in a few days!!

The final bit of news is that I asked to have my girls Saturday afternoon and to take them to the hot springs but this request has been denied…..my Angels apparently have not been behaving around Casa Hogar and I am more than welcome to go there and visit but not to take them out…this is two weeks in a row and I have given it thought and decided I must go along with the Madres and just hope the girls understand and maybe improve their behaviour so we can go out and play!!

So it has been a super busy day and the small issues I shall deal with and still enjoy all that I do!!!


Croft said...

I am glad to see you are getting the damage repaired. They do excellent body work in Mexico. I know.

On the issue of you being denied time with the girls outside... you already know how I feel about that! You are paying for their keep and come all the way down to see them. You are being treated unfairly.

Carol said...

Hi les... You sound muy busy! and that's great. Sorry about the time with the girls... hope that resolves itself soon. do many of the girls at Casa Hogar have mentors like you? eg are they paired up with adults who take them places? or is it kind of a unique situation with Paola and Daniela... just curious.

Also... I am wondering what kind of motorbike Bonita is please... she looks very strong and not like a "light" type of scooter. Thanks!

mexicokid said...

Yes Croft I think they will do good work he did my mirror arms last winter...I know how you feel about me and the girls and a big part of me agrees but I have to obey the Madres and do so..perhaps this is what the girls need to improve their attitude..who knows!!!
Carol the scooter is a 49cc Yamaha and I really like the thick wheels!!! Not many girls have mentors always room for more...thanks Les

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