Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday 15th November 2011………..already my schedule is getting busy!!!

Being as I am not allowed to start the blog by saying I had a great sleep and awoke to a sunny day I won’t……

I was in the Park by 8.20am for my morning power walk on the way back saw these kids in the street!!

nov15 001

nov15 003

Just had time for breakfast and a shower and then off to meet Linda here

nov15 005

for a Rotary meeting but before that I joined Linda in helping in just a small way a Pancake breakfast schedule to be held in two weeks…I then attended the Rotary meeting

nov15 006

nov15 007

There was a very interesting guest speaker who educated us on the Mexican revolution!!!

nov15 008

After this I went to Casar Hogar to meet with the volunteer director… I have volunteered to wash all the windows at the home an also do some painting!!!!  I know don't fall off your chair this boy painting!!!!

After the meeting I went to go see the girls

nov15 009

I made it into silly face afternoon!!!

nov15 011

nov15 012

nov15 013nov15 014

nov15 015

nov15 016

You see you get to be silly when you loose all your hair!!!!

It was great to see the girls again!!

Next stop was

nov15 017

where I bought these for a total of 65 pesos!!!!!!

nov15 020

So getting my outside home looking nice!!

nov15 018

nov15 021

2 of the 3 hummingbird feeders I have hung now if I only could stay home long enough to see if they are coming yet!!!

nov15 part 2 006

There are 3 very nice clay courts here in the park an here is the owner’s son honing his skills!!!

nov15 part 2 002

I cannot believe it is gone 8pm already…another great day hope so for you!!!

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