Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday 11th October 2018....another day!

Luckily I was not scheduled for tennis this morning and I did sleep much better than I thought....I had to stop last night at a local vets office and get them to put more tape on my wires they were coming loose...why the vets you ask?

Well their office is very close to school and they were open and they laughed but did it.....I was not laughing too much when I went up to the hospital at lunch time to have the machine and the wires removed and all that tape.....I am minus a few chest hairs!!!

I then stopped at another house where the owner had contacted me and wanted to donate to the family that Gracie and I are helping.....I picked up a lovely coffee table and two end lamps.....just very generous people in this town!!

I took Gracie to a local restaurant around the corner from me they are a young family that I have come to know and they have a precious four year old daughter ....they make their own burgers on a Thursday night and they were delicious!!!

So another delightful day in SMA flies by!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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