Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Wednesday 7th December 2016...a really easy day for a change!!!

Took my time over breakfast and then decided for a change to walk into town and have a look around and I just enjoyed that because normally I am scooting around on Little Blackie and I do not get to see all the small hole in the wall places that make this town so vibrant!!!

At 1.00 pm I was at Ray's house for our afternoon of poker the guys I play with are all great men and we have lots of laughs at ourselves and we all enjoy the games...not a winning day for me today lost 50 pesos!!!!!

I came home in time to cook a light meal get cleaned up and go the the bakery around the corner from my casita...Gaby one of my "students" now referred to as my little family was having a Birthday today so I bought a nice three fruit cake to take to class.

Every Wednesday is pay or pass it forward Wednesday and then have to do something to pay forward and then tell the rest of the class what they did.....

Tonight was so emotional for us all because of the things they are doing in this went and bought pies and delivered about 10 of them to the old ladies that sit begging in the Jardin...another found 3 men from Ecuador on the street and she bought them food....another just gave some chocolates to some kids playing in the just goes on and on and every week they do something and they all feel so great to be doing this.....can you imagine the small impact this will have on their lives and the lives of others when they keep doing this every Wednesday to the end of their class in April???

We then put our books away and had a Birthday celebration for Gaby......Georgina also brought a cake, someone else some flowers, chocolates and we sang Happy Birthday in English and then the traditional Mexican way...we had a blast!!

I feel so lucky to be able to connect with these young and brilliant ladies!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

That is a good thing, pay it forward Wednesday, I like it.

mexicokid said...

it is amazing the effect it has on the students and then it will just multiply I love the concept thanks L

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