Friday, December 16, 2016

Thursday 15th December 2016...The Class Christmas Party!!!

So you know that I teach my students Monday and Wednesday's and that my friends Maggie and Giff have them on Thursday evenings........they have now finished their first semester and we always give them a Christmas Party and usually we have it at Maggie and Giff's home but unfortunately Maggie has not been feeling too well and they obviously could not host so we decided to have the party at the lovely restaurant Hecho en Mexico and again sadly Maggie was not able to attend.......Giff and I split the bill and it was a most beautiful evening...they all looked so gorgeous and I set the rules that only English must be spoken at the table, they had to order off the English menu and I had arranged for us to have an English speaking waiter...I then told them if I heard any words in Spanish they had to pay a fine of 5 pesos and I had a cup on the table...the sad part about this little trick was at the end of the night there was about 50 pesos in the cup and it was all from me!!!!!!!!  I was saying agua por favor and muchas gracias and of course they jumped all over me saying "5 pesos Les"!!!!

The meal was very good as it always is and the evening was so much know that we have been doing pay it forward every Wednesday and I told that of a different side to that.....I had bought them all a small poinsettia to take home to their families and at the Garden center where I bought them a young guy served me..the cost of the plants was 300 pesos and I gave him 2 x 100 pesos notes and what I thought was 2 x 50 pesos notes......he loaded the plants in the car and I got in to start to drive away and he knocked on the window and told me I had given him 50 pesos too much!!!
There was no need for him to do this as I would never had what I told the girls was that we had done and talked about what it felt like to pay it forward but now I know what it is like to have someone pay forward to me and how it made me feel.....a truly meaningful experience.

All the girls took it in turns to say thank you to Giff and me for our work and help of course that was not needed but it made us feel very special!!!!

A fabulous evening!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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